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Google Tests

Most successful Internet presence, thanks to the world's best domains:
The shorter and more concise the website's name, the more effective.
Domain offers new Top Level Premium and Platinum domain names in the new TLDs (Top Level Domains) of the ICANN 2014 and 2015 published.
We have a very attractive domain portfolio, so do not wait too long, because domain prices rise up massively, depending rare they are and suddenly the chance over.

We have reserved domains for many industries. Before you start a company, ask us for the correct time according to domain, so that one from the start also takes place at this oversupply on the World Wide Web.
We made the example and handed over 100 different domains, the whole potential from new Website Domains a few days to at We where lucky about the result. After about three to six days we found them on page two to nine without anyone describing or program the websites and even without put in a backlink. To sum up Google according first to the website name with the matching ending and switch exactly at the same time the old domain ending behind. The endings .com .de .ch .net .at or other common endings usually has NOTHING to do with the product, which will be sale. With a maximum of 10 metatags found on the test page found under 2.4 million to over 350 million offers the same search term, where others strive for years with web design techniques of all kinds from going to get a good rank.

That is your lotto win, if you can get such domains ! It is your advantage competitive and this alone by the domain name and the specific ending which exactly reflects what a customer is looking for. That is the important point and reason of be found on all the search engines. Endings as .shop .center as well .new or .news etc. will run all the other rank. With good domains are millions on marketing and advertising can be saved, because a domain you own the life long. Many SEO and Google Optimizer as the web designer, the logarithmic thinking and programming, they had executed to the last details for years, and will be amazed if they realize, that specific domains ending take place of the numbers one to three instead of the old ones. Many web designers are still going on the assumption that they achieve the largest sales of backlinks. But this is clear not only that. Once a domain is set to the Internet with the perfect representation name, eg "Tool.Center" so they can be found on the first search engine pages, after a few days with this keyword. With proper programming and set back links to them will be found in a few weeks or months on the first page if you can buy the best fitting name for your theme of the website. For example, www.newyork-Car.Center is after 6 days on page 4 on Google and this of 359 million search results of the same query, if I'm looking at NewYork + Car + Center. Therefore, it is important that a prospective buyer with a Car Center in New York, the domain immediately buy for himself and programming the donated search engine to take his advantage and even surpass them with content.

Every web designer knows that one can earn a lot of money via the Internet but nothing at all with no-name sites. Also for private individuals this does not help to find new contacts, if they are not be linked without the perfect ending of the website. Honest, how good is a website with a name which is found only on the 1200-th place. If you search through the web you can see only the first 2-10 pages of search engines. In this way it won’t be interesting enough for the customer.

Examples: Our website Domain extensions will come out after for days on page 4 in about 1.45 million websites. It will be found by the name of success (in German Erfolg) and Domain on page 3. That is our subject and is linked with an another database with many pages to come out on page one with backlinks – actually simple. Therefore think over very good in which way in the Internet you would advertise. A clear definition Name of the company will be a start for your website. It should define the art of work. As an german example: (offer now) could be for ebay or something to sale in generally. This example would be found within six days on page 9 through the Search Engine within 75 million offers.

As an example; if someone is a car seller specialist in special and different cars, he should not take his name in Web advertising but on English pages: Car.Sale, or Car.Shop - the new endings. In this way he will sell any car. Another example from German, which would be written, www.Secondhand.Car or only new vehicles would be named www. New.Car which are the new domain endings from 2014 to 2015. Importend is the slogan, not the name of the owner. The reason in this case is, that the name can be in the content of the website, which will be found by everybody. The wheel drive vehicles for a shorter term for wheel does not exist and as the competition is to find 95 million offer on the web at this abbreviation. In a few months when everything is done with the new domains in cooperation with good programmers for a competitive advantage of many years to decades is this the result: The new domain placed on the domain site will be located on the first 10 pages immediately after release. Search engines work with word logarithms, not with clear names like Heinz Huber's garage, or woman Meier bakery, etc. In this case slogans and buzzwords guarantee an absolute hit. If meta tag and backlinks already set as information for Google, it will be more interesting to go to the foremost place. Who is found to have the desired. The more clicks the more customers, what means more sales and ultimately more profit. Who sell Dog Food via the Internet does not earn that much per each , but because of 100 times more sales just by choose the right domain as in the Website mentioned it will be much more by multiplie. All known names and terms, such as abbreviation impact and buzzwords are sold out immediately. The Website with a very short and concise appropriate name should be the first priority as more as advertising in this rather saturated market. Especially in America and Europe, where be spend much money in advertising but most of it with the wrong priority. In Asia exists few Websites and most of them have nor real content, neither an e-mail address to contact them. The reason of this Disaster is, that the money are wrong invested by the design, text and name of the domain. The Conclusion is: Not be found – means not earn money.

With a real estate website can earn MILLIONS, thrue the computer. The only one you need is a top domain as we offer and some programmer knowledge. In Pakistan and India you will get the best programmers and around the world still some optimizer. Also, since we can help. After a few days it is still backlinks, you also can swap by free and the next step for your future is secure. In Phuket I have seen a small three man-company, which earn millions of dollars a year – it is not bad to earn money with this internet service.

A website with the new entries from 2015 as can present WORLDWIDE his dog babies for sale. Since all .com pages are pretty much sold out and simply the wrong name have it to, it is advisable to purchase a tailored domain. There are billions of web pages, but most are never found. We have therefore reserved many hundreds of new domain endings privately and at our own risk in advance. There are other top premium and Great- domains to which we offer for sale. We keep only a small part of it by ourselves. You will get a bargain by us.

For technical pages you just have to wait and see. Example: The Solar technology is NOW in an important and very interesting stage, because we know that there are e-bikes, as well as the first e-Cars not only of Tesla in America and Germany in 2013/2014, but also equally of BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota, etc. The first electric Harley Davidson was unveiled in 2014. This will be in a few years a HUGE BOOM. This works as following: If you buy a top domain purchases for up to $ 10 000 these days it will go away in 5 years for abaout $ 100,000 10 a years or more. The most expensive as went for $ 1.2 million away. Never forget ANY DOMAIN is unique. Addendum on 3-7-2014: Someone has a 3-digit even sold for $ 2.8 million. Who buy today a top domain invested for the future. Go forward not back. Only name and copy rights to pay attention to as far as possible, everything else comes, without doing nothing. The future has begun, as the Internet Publikum- salon is really capable of only 20 years. We invested a lot of time and money to book the BEST domains, especially to your desire to tackle a project. Look up Contacts. The imagination knows no boundaries. It goes the same way as it was with the first mobile phones which are now considered a normality.

Of course you can also host many private websites, you can also remember well because of the short name and therefore is fast. Also, since it can be helped for example, on request with which topic you want to fill a web page. There are now spending millions possibilities and variations. Ask us we will inform your further questions. Forget the pages, because the endings are now old. An example: We are looking into the search engine for a term and place, as described above www.newyork-Car.Center instead of New, because the name is too long and is reviewed by our domain ending .center become dated. Only now is the domain not yet programmed, even if on page 4 to find more than 35 million pages and 359 million this exact search term. What happens if the page has found a buyer and it provides as redundant page on the Internet, with all the trimmings? You will see it ...

Very important but it is understood that any domain can be sold only once, and we know very well that the first 10,000 words are that make up a business, or private website already awarded. We have over a thousand pre-ordered at our own risk bought or sold, as here, to the left in the navigation. Just click the websites and you will be redirected to purchase. Here on the left, just to show that practically every man and woman for the appropriate website is to have and this with a unique top Level Premium, or Great- domain. We make impossible possible for you! Hundreds of domains have already been registered by us. Our website ist uniyuw as the domains. Few eyes were opened to fulfill their intellectual potential to plan for now and the future. We would like to answer your Questions within 24 - 48 hours. Look up the mail box. Please be informed, that we do not set up every few days the latest domains here in the new database. Find Good luck!

Depending less and concise name, the faster you come out on the search engines worldwide on the first page. Web designers, private, corporate and doers, our top choice worldwide domains.

By the way: A domain that nobody finds you get from just $ 15, but the best of the best are traded up to $ 2.8 million (as of 2014)