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2016-11-21 domains are online

Then many gamers have been waiting for. Your professional - website with new games Domains
For example

2015-10-29 domains are online

The sought-after live domains are now available. For example:

2015-10-28 domains are online

The new Studio domains are now also buying online and also with us a few like:



The new domains are .dog online
We have secured under a few domains like:


xxx.Show Domains

Now available the new Domains
First come - who !
For sale ...
For your 100% business - deals are each at the desired site to have under Buy.


xxx.News Web Domains

The coveted domains are now all online and everyone who has anything to report, would like to show, will promote it, or want to run a blog, how to apply a different website directly, now has the opportunity to do so easily.
An example: I have a domain of a dream destination in Thailand and am from the name her only under that name discoverable my residence in Thailand. Now we have bought the sites throughout the region, to redirect it for pleasure or whim.
Redirecting goes with a mouse click at any hosting company, even programmed with keywords. Our example is now that you can no longer find our Mangold Residenz only Mangold Residenz in Thailand but also among the nearest large city.
There are many ways and can be found in a few weeks, depending on the search query the domains immediately on the first pages of search engines.
More Beipsiel:
A blog with its name. e.g. to set up course with its own search engine optimized domain = www.Harry.News and you will be within a few weeks to find on the first page search engine. You can also redirect any domain, if you already have a blog with this name, this will be found immediately.
Look to me, it's very interesting, how was a sell-out of the .com name 20 years ago.


Gold Domains

NEW & EXCLUSIVE Gold Web- Domains for sale. Each domain there is only once

Offers are desired in each case on the website domain that you want to have inquiries under Buy ...


New sale- domains = is Online

As expected, the new .sale web domains are now available. The best course, are already gone. This time we get top domains: / / / / / / Just one example; Think about the online trading at Emerald sales and this with the unique domain we provide you are within weeks of millions offerings can be found on the first search engine pages, since the search Name the domain corresponds to. Something better does not exist and therefore is worth this domain Emerald.


The new .work are saved and forgiven

For all time employment agents of great interest pursued the .work new domains. Who she is sure of success, since these are targeted keywords. We also have to offer that as: (348 million web pages proposals) / (777 million web pages proposals) / (221 million web pages proposals) These web domains overtaken you all!


New Music Domains - The unique opportunity !

The new music domains are now available on the market. There are only ONCE ! See www.Trance.Band or www.Oldie.Band and not least the coveted www.HavyMetal.Band


Domain prices increase sharply

The domain Contracting Authority has recognized the business with the domains themselves now and assigns specific domain names at exorbitant prices. Up to 5-digit cost per year is mentioned, even where hosting companies have startled and immediately had locked this name. Thus, no one is served. Who would have thought so still something years ago, better is taught today. Our domains cost only upon acceptance a fix amount, but the annual hosting fees will remain the same. 99% of all under 100 .- per year. No one wants to pay thousands to more than $ 12,000 annually.


The revolution of the Internet is here:

Today we have even bought banks domains with which ANYONE can make a fortune if it offers the right service. Thus, there are as of today the domains: / / / / / because the banks have just overslept . A unique chance to get away to land on the search engines from the beginning on the first page of millions of websites. The business runs with these domains automatically, without doing anything. Enjoy ...


Our self-explanatory, internationally understandable and search engine optimized web addresses take a week

On August 20th very interesting financial come endings like .cash and real estate sector named .haus (written in German) came out and a little later on August 27, still the .discount There are already people who asked too late, the same as about 20 years ago which where introduced the many country domains. Today we have the chance to work for the next 20 years to reserve something very good. In case of secure for a top professional web presence from zero to one hundred.


The first side in the searching machine reaches after seven weeks!

As under Google have described test we to us since the 2nd of July to the web pages Domain near risquély and today won. The German web page www. Success. Domains one finds under the searching to words: *Erfolg Domain* *Erfolg Domains* *Erfolg with Domain* *Erfolg with Domains* etc. as well as the English web page www. TopGreat. Domains under the searching concept: *Top Great Domain* and *Top Great Domains* and also reverse order. A giant success! With the English Domain even the first place on the first side! Who also wants to register such an experience, that contacts under contact. Now it goes even further around of being thought under other searching words.


New endings .wtf and rocks

Today, the new endings are .wtf and pasted .rocks on the www Again, we have managed to get a few tidbits. Sub domain extensions to find ...


Database filled with the first 1200 new domains

Our database is not yet available, but temporary find everything under www.Erfolg.Domains. Our database is fully programmed. The date according to our top programmers Mr. Randegger from Lausanne / Switzerland will be the end of August realistic. Nevertheless, you will find already all new purchasable domains on the main page. To find the sample with 50 domains on any search engine in the world has shown that one. Immediately the new domain endings, if chosen correctly can be found on the first 2-10 pages Reading Google Test ...


What further in 2014 and 2015?

This domain extensions below are our main attention at the moment and already tens of thousands of pre-reserved. We have dabbled a little and special areas Pre-Book to let our lucky customer be the big part. Here are the next domain endings, such as action. africa. amsterdam. apt. kind. bumper. auction., baby. tape. basketball. bayern. beauty. beer. bet. bible. bingo. blog. book. budapest. business. kaufen. cafe. cam. car. career. cars. casino. charity. chat. city. cloud. coupon. dad. data. Date. day. deal. deals. design. diet. digitally. Direct. DIY. docs. doctor. dog. downloads. drive. earth. eat. eco. faith. family. fan. fashion. movie. finance. fitness. flowers. fly. food. forum. free. fun. game. games. garden. gay. globally. gmbh. gold. gulf. free. healthcare. help. here. hiphop. hiv. hockey. home. hospital. hot. hotel. hotels. how. immo. inc. ing. istanbul. jewelry. joy. kid. lat. law. legally. life. like. ago. livingroom. lol. . market love. luxe. Madrid. mail. map. med. medical. meme. measures. mobile. mom. money. movie. music. new. news. now. nrw. ones. online. page. paris. party. phone. . shopping ping. pizza. play. plus. poker. porn. racing. RADIO. restaurant. REVIEW. rip. room. run. Saarland. sale. science. search. Secure. sex. shop. show. sites. ski. soccer. software. space. sportswear. SPORTS. store. studio. style. sucks. surfing. talc. taxi. team. tech. tennis. theater. tickets. tirol. tour. underwriting. video. vip. web. win. wine. teamwork. world. yoga. you. zip / prices are not yet clear.


The ICANN contracting authority

The ICANN awarding authority has again declared new top-level domains for final approval. These are among others. .media .pictures .lease .buy etc and in August there are other endings of the TLDs. What else is so are: .actor 39,- € .audio 19,- € .bio 59,- € .care 29,- € .cash 39,- € .clinic 39,- € .cologne 29,- € .cooking 29,- € .country 29,- € .dental 59,- € .discount 39,- € .fail 29,- € .financial 49,- € .fishing 29,- € .fitness 39,- € .fund 49,- € .furniture 49,- € .hamburg 49,- € .haus 29,- € .horse 29,- € .investments 99,- € .juegos 29,- € .koeln 29,- € .limited 29,- € .london 49,- € .press 79,- € .reise 149,- € .rocks 9,- € .rodeo 29,- € .schule 29,- € .surgery 39,- € .tax 49,- € .vegas 79,- € .vodka 29,- € .website 49,- € .wtf 29,- € .yokohama 29,- € / Domain cost per year.


Design and programming

Many questions and Fundamentals of Programming is clarified. The database is created and populated by myself. Meanwhile, you could see the new domain endings that are out there already login 39,- € .agency 29,- € .associates 29,- € .bar 79,- € .bargains 39,- € .berlin 49,- € .bid 49,- € .bike 29,- € .blackfriday 39,- € .boutique 49,- € .build 79,- € .builders 39,- € .buzz 39,- € .cab 39,- € .camera 29,- € .camp 39,- € .capital 39,- € .cards 29,- € .careers 49,- € .catering 29,- € .center 29,- € .cheap 29,- € .christmas 29,- € .cleaning 39,- € .clothing 79,- € .club 9,- € .codes 49,- € .coffee 39,- € .community 29,- € .company 29,- € .computer 29,- € .condos 39,- € .construction 29,- € .consulting 79,- € .contractors 29,- € .cool 29,- € .cruises 49,- € .dance 19,- € .dating 49,- € .democrat 29,- € .diamonds 49,- € .directory 29,- € .domains 29,- € .education 49,- € .email 29,- € .engineering 49,- € .enterprises 49,- € .equipment 19,- € .estate 29,- € .events 29,- € .exchange 39,- € .expert 49,- € .exposed 39,- € .farm 29,- € .fish 39,- € .flights 39,- € .florist 49,- € .foundation 49,- € .futbol 19,- € .gallery 19,- € .gift 29,- € .glass 39,- € .graphics 29,- € .gripe 19,- € .guitars 39,- € .guru 29,- € .holdings 79,- € .holiday 39,- € .house 49,- € .immobilien 39,- € .industries 39,- € .ink 49,- € .institute 49,- € .international 19,- € .jetzt 19,- € .kaufen 39,- € .kitchen 19,- € .kiwi 29,- € .land 29,- € .lease 39,- € .lighting 29,- € .limo 49,- € .link 19,- € .luxury 499,- € .maison 39,- € .management 19,- € .marketing 29,- € .media 29,- € .menu 49,- € .moda 29,- € .nagoya 49,- € .ninja 29,- € .onl 29,- € .partners 49,- € .parts 39,- € .photo 29,- € .photography 15,- € .photos 19,- € .pics 29,- € .pictures 19,- € .plumbing 79,- € .productions 49,- € .properties 39,- € .pub 29,- € .qpon 19,- € .recipes 39,- € .reisen 29,- € .rentals 39,- € .repair 39,- € .report 29,- € .rest 39,- € .reviews 29,- € .ruhr 49,- € .services 39,- € .sexy 29,- € .shoes 29,- € .singles 49,- € .social 39,- € .solar 49,- € .solutions 49,- € .supplies 29,- € .supply 29,- € .support 49,- € .systems 49,- € .tattoo 39,- € .technology 29,- € .tienda 39,- € .tips 19,- € .today 29,- € .tokyo 49,- € .tools 39,- € .town 29,- € .toys 29,- € .trade 49,- € .training 49,- € .university 39,- € .uno 49,- € .vacations 39,- € .ventures 79,- € .viajes 49,- € .villas 39,- € .vision 49,- € .voting 59,- € .voyage 39,- € .watch 49,- € .webcam 49,- € .wien 49,- € .wiki 29,- € .works 39,- € .xyz 19,- € .zone 39,- € / Domain cost per year.


Planned concept in English, German, French and Spanish

The concept is available and now it is time for the programming. There are already a lot of work with one language to program. Therefore please be tolerant with us because of the other languages. We have recognized that website translation programs are still not ready to have it done automatically. So we need to translate all texts in four languages. This insert on two web pages needs also to be programmed.


The idea of our website www.Erfolg.Domains and www.TopGreat.Domains

From a private initiative, we have a website bought the new domain extensions in order to reach all the way forward in the search engines. The idea: Looking specifically we create here according to your desired domain. Whether for personal or professional purposes: On the globally accessible domain marketplace, you can just buy the domain, after which you have been looking for. Simple as desired domains search, find and buy online. Check out our database of top-level, premium up to Great domains at once it is finished. It is worthwhile, because the top domains are already all sold out. Short, generic domain name - perfect for businesses, investors and private individuals. The most important terms and phrases, and keywords are already reserved. Our purpose is clear: We will reserve for you the best domains are going to have to secure your internet success. Our idea is now in the completion. We do this already for us private till the 90 years, why should we not do this for you and a wider audience. Everybody will benefit.